2007 Conference Highlights

Couldn’t make it to last year’s conference? Here are some highlights of what you missed:

Some 80 speakers and moderators attended the Conference in 2007. Beyond the knowledge and experience they were able to share with the 600 NBCC advocates in attendance, they also came away from the conference having learned what passionate, hardworking, informed people make up NBCC’s grassroots base. It was a win-win-situation.

Plenary and Workshop Presentations

A special thanks goes out to the advocates who joined us for the Second Annual STRIKE! Breast Cancer Advocate Challenge. About 40 advocates came out to bowl, party, and raise money for NBCCF. We not only had a great time, but we did so while supporting the programs that train activists to speak up and out about the political, scientific and health care issues that affect their lives.

STRIKE! Breast Cancer Advocate Challenge Pictures

Finally, despite being on the go all weekend, many advocates mustered enough energy to tackle Capitol Hill on Tuesday, holding more than 400 meetings with members of Congress and their staff.

Lobby Day Pictures

As any advocate knows, the fight against breast cancer is a long, arduous journey. The time, effort and energy it demands cannot begin to be measured. But NBCC’s advocates draw from a bottomless well of hope, anger and love as their motivation. Advocates wishing to join the struggle can still sign up for this year’s Annual Advocacy Training Conference and register right now.


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