Fran Visco Only sixteen days remain until the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund’s 16th Annual Advocacy Training Conference. NBCC has changed the world of breast cancer, bringing the breast cancer survivor to decision-making tables that count. At our conference, there is much to be learned, and your ticket of admission begins with a simple step: registration. If you haven’t yet registered, please do so today.

NBCCF conferences are all about what’s new – what’s cutting edge. And this year is no exception. No less than thirteen new workshops involving some of the scientists who are themselves at the center of the latest news in breast cancer research. We, too, will make news, as we unveil our Framework for Guaranteed Health Care For All.

Since you can’t be everywhere all the time, you will now have the NBCCF Conference Blog as an official, up-to-date source of on-site information on the 16th Annual Advocacy Conference. We will be regularly posting the sights and sounds of the conference as well as commentary from many of our speakers and attendees. You’ll be able to share them with your friends all over the country and the world, further enlarging our circle of advocates.

This Conference has been planned to excite you and inform you, giving you both the inspiration and the tools you need to be an effective breast cancer advocate. You will have the unique opportunity of participating in some of the most stimulating, demanding and satisfying sessions available to the public today. We promise that you will return home motivated by your time here, and ready to help create the change that will one day make our mission a reality.

So, keep watching this space – before the conference, during the conference, and afterwards, too. Learn. Reconnect. Make a Difference.

Fran Visco


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