“When You Invite People To Think, You Are Inviting Revolution…”

Brazilian philosopher and theologian, Ivone Gebara, has lent her provocative sentiment to NBCCF’s 2008 Annual Advocacy Training Conference, and it perfectly captures the conference theme of “Beyond Ribbons to Revolution.”

Initiated during our 2006 Conference as part of the 15th anniversary kick-off, the theme of revolution – changing systems, out-of-the-box thinking, NOT doing business as usual – continues to inspire the hard work we do. To hear the inspirational words of NBCCF President Fran Visco as she launched NBCCF’s call to revolution, click here.

Whether it’s creating a brand new “Framework for Guaranteed Health Care For All,” to be unveiled at the conference this year, or training Quality Care Project LEAD® advocates to fight for quality health care in a transformed system – NBCCF advocates are creating revolution in local and national ways.

This year at the Conference, we’ll be hearing updates and new developments on several of the key innovations NBCCF advocates have created at workshops like “Update on the Medicaid Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Act,” and “Measuring What Matters: A Report on NBCCF’s Focused Workshop.” We’ll be hearing about research that may one day create a revolution in clinical practice at “Breast Cancer Treatment: New and Emerging Therapies,” and “Breast Density as a Risk Factor in Breast Cancer.”

And we will be carrying on a dialogue and networking with each other on strategies for the next phase of this revolution. You will be hearing more on this theme from Fran as well as from the over 70 advocates and other speakers featured on the program.

So, as we extend this invitation to think, we look forward to working together on the next phase of our ongoing revolution to end breast cancer.

Christine Brunswick
Vice President, NBCCF Board of Directors
NBCCF Metropolitan Washington DC


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