NBCC Lobby Day – One long day; One important purpose

Shirley Brown“It’s one of the most empowering days I have ever experienced.” That’s only one of many similar comments I hear from persons who experience the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Annual Lobby Day for the first time. And what about those of us who have been participating for years? Year after year, we return not only because we understand how important and necessary it is, but we are reenergized and motivated by this very inspiring experience.

Lobby Day is one of the most important days of the year for NBCC. On this single day, Congressional offices and the halls of Congress are filled with hundreds of breast cancer advocates united in purpose—to push their Senators, Representatives and their staffs to support priorities that will forward our mission to end breast cancer. For one very long but productive day, advocates take NBCC’s legislative and public policy agenda to the office of every Senator and Representative to inform, educate and urge their support of and advocacy for our priorities.

And where do you learn about these priorities? Our Annual Advocacy Training Conference holds plenary sessions and numerous workshops that help to prepare you to be an advocate for not only NBCC’s Lobby Day, but when you return to your home, you can continue your advocacy. Following the Conference, special state delegation meetings are held where state leaders organize and strategize with participating advocates for the meetings with their Senators and Representatives.

So if you are ready for some real inspiration, there’s still time for you to join us! Just register for NBCCF’s Annual Advocacy Training Conference and Lobby Day. I assure you that you will learn, lobby and be empowered!

Shirley Brown
NBCCF Board Member
Women of Color Breast Cancer Survivors’ Support Project
Los Angeles, CA


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