Access to Quality Health Care for All

We can’t end breast cancer unless everyone can get the health care they need. That’s a simple, true fact. And a difficult goal. Of course, breast cancer activists who are part of NBCC always set difficult goals. And reach them. And this will be no different. We’ve been committed to comprehensive health care reform since we began this work in 1991, and I am pleased to announce that this year we take two giant steps forward. At our conference, first thing in the morning on Monday, I will unveil NBCCF’s Framework for a Health Care System Guaranteeing Access to Quality Health Care for All. It’s an outline of what kind of law we believe we need to make certain everyone’s health care is paid for. The Framework document is the product of over two years of research and discussion by our Board of Directors and is built upon our Principles for Achieving Guaranteed Access to Quality Health Care for All. You will also have the opportunity to ask more detailed questions about the document at the Framework workshop on Monday afternoon.

2008 is also obviously an important year because of the presidential elections. I have invited representatives from the three remaining presidential campaigns to join me on that Monday morning to share with you their vision for health care reform and what it means to us. I think we all agree it’s easy to talk about the issue, what’s important though, is what we actually do about it.

Fran Visco
National Breast Cancer Coalition


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