Take the Pledge: Vote to End Breast Cancer

It would be hard, if not impossible, to hold a conference of this type in our Nation’s Capital without mentioning the current presidential race. Breast cancer is not only a medical or scientific issue: it is a political issue. The remaining primary contests are crucial and the general election is fast approaching.

This allows breast cancer advocates to press candidates on issues of importance to the National Breast Cancer Coalition: access to quality health care for all; federal funding for breast cancer research; and what each candidate would do as President to eradicate breast cancer. We must let our elected officials and candidates for office know that we will pay attention to their plans (or lack of plans) to eradicate breast cancer and that will help decide our votes.

For this reason, NBCC asked all candidates running for president to tell us what they would do to eradicate breast cancer, and posted the responses on www.BreastCancerCaucus.org. These platforms will create useful background for many of the politics and policy discussions that will take place during the Annual Advocacy Training Conference.

As you probably know more than 240,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. NBCC is trying to get that many people to sign this voter pledge: “In the 2008 primary, caucus and general elections, I pledge to vote to eradicate breast cancer.” Regardless of whether you’re attending the conference or not, I urge you to join us and take the pledge. Once you’ve taken the pledge, forward it to your friends. And, if you’re planning to be part of a community activity – a health fair, a 10K race, or a community picnic – take a copy of the pledge along, and get all the voters there to sign too. Being part of the political process is one of the most important things we can do as advocates committed to ending breast cancer.

Nancy Ryan,
NBCC Field Coordinator
Chair & Founding Member, New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition


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