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Are you on Facebook yet? More than 69 million people are, including NBCC President, Fran Visco and many other breast cancer advocates. Sarah Bush Learmonth, who attended the 2007 Advocacy Training Conference wrote about her experience on Facebook. Here’s some of what she said:

So, before we run right to Capitol Hill demanding dollars we need to be educated in these priorities and have accurate information to be able to educate legislators on these issues. The conference provided an educational setting for us to learn and network.

Saturday the conference started in the morning with a Lobby Day Briefing and First Time Attendees Orientation. Already I was looking over my info packet with the 4 legislative priorities and wondering how the heck I would remember all of that and be able to talk about it knowledgably when I was told by a woman who had been before that “They will teach you everything you need to know, you will feel very confident in your knowledge and they will have you so ready to kick some ass that you will be pumped up to go.”

I was skeptical. She was right.

To read more, visit one of NBCC’s groups on Facebook, “Less Pink, More Research” where Sarah’s full summary of the conference is posted.

NBCC also has our own page on Facebook. Please visit us and become a “fan”.

We look forward to staying in touch with you on Facebook and connecting breast cancer advocates to each other as we continue our hard work to end breast cancer.


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