First-Time Attendees Get Oriented . . . and Excited

At today’s First-Time Attendee Orientation, experienced NBCCF conference-goers helped the newcomers navigate the ins and outs of the Annual Advocacy Training Conference. With close to 200 first-timers registered, there were many advocates in attendance to hear about what to expect in the days ahead. After about an hour, including time for questions, these first-time NBCCF conference attendees charged out of the room, ready for action.

Here’s what few of them had to say.

I just attended the First Timer Orientation. The education and experience of the speakers is impressive.  They are truly  an inspiration.  I am looking forward to the conference– there is so much to learn. All of the sessions and workshops cover a broad array of topics and will help me to be an advocate. — Linda Hake, Stuart, FL (FNBCC)

I arrived this morning. The conference hasn’t “officially” begun, but I’ve already attended the Lobby Day Briefing and the First-Time Attendee Orientation. The enthusiasm is contagious, and I’m feeling very empowered knowing that I may make a difference in this fight! — YSC attendee from Ohio

I am a first-timer, and I am impressed at the organization of the conference so far.  While, I am overwhelmed, I am confident that I will be able to learn more and get the information I need to lobby appropriately.  Thanks for YSC for sponsoring me for this event! — Another YSC attendee

Have not attended before and am very excited and interested in everything.  I am a recent survivor of breast cancer so therefore have been propelled into the arena.  I have many friends with breast cancer but never felt motivated to get up my *** to actually be active in eradicating and educating for this horrible disease.  Thank you for this opportunity. — Anonymous

And, a couple of them even recorded a Conference Video Diary at the Interactive Cafe.

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