2008 Conference Dedication: Karin Noss

Karin Noss


This year’s NBCCF Advocacy Training Conference is dedicated to Karin Noss. Fran Visco, NBCCF President, officially opened the conference on Saturday afternoon by sharing some memories of Karin.


Karin Noss was an extraordinary woman.  She actually began supporting NBCC before her diagnosis.  After breast cancer, she became an amazing advocate for our cause.  We introduced her to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation and she became its President, and also served as President of Y-Me National Capitol Group. When she died in February 2008, she was serving as the Chair of the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program.  Those are facts, but Karin was very much more than that.  While she was suffering terribly from her metastatic disease, she worked harder than everyone and never, ever complained.  She was the most humble and one of the most effective individuals I have ever met.  Karin spoke often about how important the DOD program was to women with breast cancer, she dedicated so much of herself to that program.  And she also was committed to making certain everyone had access to quality care.  Karin told the story of her diagnosis: she had access to care as a member of the military, and she had access to some of the best care, but she was misdiagnosed, her doctor did not follow guidelines and she made certain we all understood access without quality is not enough.  Karin helped all of us through whatever we were going through, no matter how ill she was.  I remember her most for her quiet wisdom, for always bringing the group back to what was important, for cutting through everyone’s agenda to the truth. We miss her and dedicate this conference to her life.


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