NBCCF’s Best Practices in Breast Cancer Advocacy Awards – Poster Session Presenter in Action!

Last year, the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (NBCCF) selected Nueva Vida as one of four winners of the 2007 Best Practices in Breast Cancer Advocacy Awards. Nueva Vida was recognized with a $50,000 award for its strategic, high-impact work in research about Latinas with breast cancer.

During the Annual Conference this evening, the four winners had the opportunity to give poster session presentations. It was a great honor for Nueva Vida not only to receive this award, but also to share what we have learned through our research programs. As a community based organization, Nueva Vida has been able to increase the quantity and the quality of research about Latinas with breast cancer, and this is in good measure due to the visionary education and advocacy training programs developed by NBCCF. We are confident that through our collaborations with the scientific community our best practices can be adopted by others nationally and internationally.

The mission of Nueva Vida is to inform, support and empower Latinas whose lives are affected by cancer, and to advocate for and facilitate the timely access to state of the art cancer care, including screening, diagnosis, treatment and care for all Latinas.

– Larisa Caicedo, Executive Director, Nueva Vida

On-Line Applications for The 2008 Best Practices in Breast Cancer Advocacy Awards will open Monday, May 5, 2008. Visit www.StopBreastCancer.org for more information.


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