Voices from the Conference – Day One

At the Interactive Cafe in the Exhibit Hall of the NBCCF Advocacy Training Conference, attendees are being asked to share their conference thoughts and highlights as Blog Reporters. In addition, some of them are recording Conference Video Diaries. Even though it was just the first day, many advocates already stopped by to share their insights. Here are just a few “voices from the conference”. We’ll be posting more in the days and weeks ahead.

I am attending my 3rd conference and have attended Quality Care Project LEAD. I have found this conference very educational and empowering. I brought a new member with me this year to share the information and the fun. I am looking forward to learning the new and updated information about breast cancer and quality care.    — Yvonne Eisenberg, Fisherville, VA (VBCF)

The NBCCF Advocacy Training Conference is like no other in the United States!  Where else can you come to learn about the latest advances in breast cancer, connect with survivors from all parts of the country who have walked in your shoes, and learn how to use your experience to lobby lawmakers to support the mission of NBCC to eradicate breast cancer!  The four days allow everyone to learn, lead, and love.   To quote the younger generation, the conference is a bomb!! — Shirley Mertz, Inverness, IL (Y-ME Illinois)

When I get home I am going to attack! I am going to talk to every surivor group possible to encourage more people in my state to help out! — Anonymous

Today is day one!  Energy is high, just as expected. The So, What’s New in Breast Cancer Plenary was filled with emotion and insight. I must say…I learned a lot.
In deciding to attend this conference, my ultimate goal was to gather information for my personal use and for the sharing with others.  I’m well on my way!
  — Vickie Lewis, Buford, GA

And, watch the Conference Video Diaries of Ernestine Walkes, Anna Lin, and Martha Foster.


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