NBCC’s Framework for a Health Care System Guaranteeing Access to Quality Health Care for All

Today was a big day in the history of NBCC! Since our inception in 1991 we’ve advocated for guaranteed access to quality health care for all. As survivors, as women who have faced the challenges of an illness as devastating as breast cancer, ensuring access to quality health care for all is a very real priority. It is also NBCC’s top public policy goal. This morning I revealed our blueprint for achieving this ambitious reform of our health care system.

NBCC has always trained consumers to be involved in systems change, through our Project LEAD and other programs. That foundation will be very important now, as we push forward to change the system of health care coverage in this country. NBCC/F’s Board of Directors worked long and hard to craft our Framework. It is a guide to the type of legislation NBCC would push to achieve universal health coverage.

This timing is perfect, since health care has surfaced as a top domestic issue in the presidential elections. All the pundits are predicting that the stars are aligning to create the opportunity for comprehensive health reform. I invite you to participate with us as we embark on the biggest challenge we have ever taken on – reforming our system of health coverage so that no one is left behind.

Key Points of NBCC’s
Framework for a Health Care System Guaranteeing Access to Quality Health Care for All

  • The Framework is premised on the fundamental belief that health care is a right and that all people present in the United States should have access to quality health care regardless of their immigration, residency status, or ability to pay.
  • The Framework is an outline for legislation that will support a system of evidence-based health care coverage for everyone.
  • The Framework provides that the basic benefits covered are comprehensive and evidence-based.
  • The system resulting from the Framework will include mechanisms to:
    • Support development of new evidence through clinical research
    • Continually refine benefits through comparative effectiveness and cost effectiveness analyses
    • Reduce over and under use of care
    • Include educated consumers in all decision making
  • The system will be financed in part through cost savings and shared responsibility:
    • Everyone – individuals, employers, and government – share responsibility to support the system.
    • Individuals will be required to financially contribute to the system based on their ability to pay.
  • All employers will be required to contribute to the system. The Framework would phase out employer-sponsored health insurance. Subsidies or a sliding scale should be implemented to ensure that small businesses are not disproportionately affected by these payments.

Click here to read the full Framework.

Fran Visco
National Breast Cancer Coalition


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