Voices from the Conference – Day Two

At the Interactive Cafe in the Exhibit Hall of the NBCCF Advocacy Training Conference, attendees are being asked to share their conference thoughts and highlights as Blog Reporters. In addition, some of them are recording Conference Video Diaries. With the conference moving into its second day, many more advocates stopped by to share their insights. Here are just a few “voices from the conference”. We’ll be posting more in the days and weeks ahead.

The NBCC conference is the most comprehensive, informative, innovative HONEST conference related to breast cancer, I have ever attended. Not only do the presenters talk about the most up to date information regarding breast cancer, but the conference inspires revolution. We need to revolt to find out why we do not have more evidence based screening and treatment regarding breast cancer. Whenever I come to these conferences I feel like I am getting a “shot in the arm” of adrenaline to bring me to my knees again. We must eradicate this disease, not later, but NOW! I am angry , I am furious and I am an activist who will not wait for answers any longer. NBCC gives me the hope that when my granddaughter asks me if, she too, will get breast cancer, that I can one day say to her, “NO, you will not because we have a way to detect breast cancer long before it starts.”  AMEN — Sherry Goldman, Manhattan Beach, CA (UCLA Breast Center)

I came to this conference, for the first time this year, out of a sense of adventure to find out what the fuss is all about. By today (Sunday), the second day, I anticipate registering for LEAD training so that I can ultimately focus on the issues surrounding breast cancer and the environment. Of course this means that I will closely follow the progress of the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act and very much look forward to advocating on its behalf on Tuesday. — Anne Da-Silva Tella, Fairport, NY (Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, New York)

I am an international attendee from Venezuela and a Madrid Project LEAD graduate. This is my third time attending this conference and it is my inspiration and my charging of batteries to work as an advocte in my country. Our reality is so different from the USA, but the mission of NBCC and its comminment is a model to follow. Every time I am at home struggling with the lack of quality care, poor public health system, lack of education and resources I just close my eyes and remember the energy of the plenary and keep working… Thanks for the opportunity of the scholarship to be here. — Bolivia Bocaranda, Caracas, Venezuela (SenosAyuda)

And, watch the Conference Video Diaries of Jessica Henderson & Sandra Davis, Veronica Suber, and Ivis Febus-Sampayo.


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