From the moment we NBCC advocates departed the bus at Peace Circle only to look up at one incredible view of the U.S. Capitol, you knew it was going to be an amazing day. Arriving by the busloads, hundreds of us moved up the hill in waves, some going directly to early appointments scheduled with Members and/or staff in Senate and House Buildings. Others headed to the ROA Building, our base of operations, to meet additional members of the state delegations and put final touches on the day’s gameplan for forwarding the NBCC agenda with our Senators and Representatives at the scheduled appointments.

NBCC Storms the Hill

You can’t imagine how empowering a sight it is just to see the hundreds of women and men wearing their NBCC Lobby Day 2008 badge, walking the halls of Congress and holding more than 420 meetings with Senators, Representatives and/or their staff to press for a thoughtful breast cancer agenda! It’s incredibly moving to see and hear the enthusiasm of advocates returning to the ROA Building and reporting their successes and accomplishments from their meetings. Being a part of it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Yes it is an exhausting day. But also, it is a day like no other. You have to experience it to know how truly inspiring it is!


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