Welcome First Time Conference Attendees!

As of today, we have over 200 new attendees! This is an unprecedented number, and we are excited and ready for a terrific new group of advocates. There are a number of workshops and events geared towards you spread over the entire conference.

Where to begin:

Start out on Saturday at our First Time Attendee Orientation, where veteran board members and advocates will help you navigate your best path through the conference. Special attention will be given to key plenary sessions, must-attend workshops and special events.
Saturday, May 2, 12:45-1:45 pm

Follow up the opening plenary session as a bowler or a cheerleader at our 4th Annual Women with Balls: STRIKE! Breast Cancer Advocacy Challenge. Bowlers and cheerleaders raise money for NBCCF programs.

On Sunday there are 2 great workshops for first time attendees to choose from:

In Nuts & Bolts of Congress, you will learn the basics of how a bill moves through Congress, how the appropriations and budget processes work and how Congressional committees, subcommittees and staff offices are structured.

Starting Breast Cancer Advocacy in Your Community is a great place to hear breast cancer advocates who have started local groups sharing what it takes to unite local breast cancer activists into an organized group to achieve common goals. This workshop will focus on how to get started.

Then, on Monday, there are 3 more workshops that build off of what you’ve learned so far.

If you attended Nuts and Bolts of Congress, you may find Strategies for Effective Lobbying to be an excellent choice for getting advice from congressional staff, professional lobbyists and experienced activists on how to “get your foot in the door,” handle difficult situations and effectively achieve the goal. Hear highlights of some of NBCC’s past legislative victories, as well as its current legislative priorities. Learn how the legislative process really works.

Or head over to Expanding your Breast Cancer Advocacy Network where you will join a discussion with people who have built effective local advocacy groups. Share your current challenges, hear others’ successful strategies, and develop your own network expansion plan.

Another option is Advocacy in State Government, where you will learn to identify the key supporters and discover the differences between lobbying members of Congress and working with state legislators.

This is, of course, just a sampling of what the conference has to offer. We will be updating weekly, with information about our speakers, plenary sessions and other workshops.

Check back over the weeks leading up to the conference for information everything  from speaker information to Plenary sessions and workshop paths.

Also coming soon:
More information about  Lobby Day, and the meetings that you can attend during Conference to help you prepare for an exciting day on Capitol Hill!


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